Keyword Research Services

The first step in an effective search engine optimization campaign is researching the most effective keywords. If you don't know how people are searching for your products or service, how can you help them find you?

If you want your search engine marketing efforts to be effective, you need to target the most effective keywords right from the start. Keyword research for web designers can be unfamiliar territory. This is why eCentral Marketing offers keyword research services for web designers and internet marketers.

Offer your clients professional keyword research and analysis to your clients

Whether your web design staff doesn't have the expertise or just doesn't have the time to do keyword research, eCentral Marketing can do the work for you at an affordable price.

Our keyword research is compiled by using Overture and Wordtracker data to find the most relevant search habits and keywords that people use to search for the products and services that you, or your client, offer.

Why do your own keyword research, when eCentral Marketing can do the work for you at a cost lower than you can do it yourself? With our professional keyword research service, business owners, SEO consultants, and web designers can rest assured that we will find the best keywords and leave you to spend time on more critical tasks.

Keyword reports can also make a great addition to any proposals that you offer prospective website clients. Including our keyword research report along with your own advice when you are delivering your proposal is a great way to establish your expertise with potential clients and build value in your services.

eCentral Marketing will perform a detailed analysis to identify the most popular and best targeted keywords for your client's site. This report will help keep your search engine optimization and pay-per-click marketing campaigns focused. Our keyword research services include:

  • Comprehensive Keyword Report - We will provide you with a comprehensive report of all relevant keywords and their relative popularity. We do not limit the number of keywords in our comprehensive report. this comprehensive keyword report will provide you with the most common terms as well as many obscure terms that will produce traffic.
  • Summarized Keyword Suggestions - We summarize the entire list of keywords into a more manageable list of keywords based on the level of difficulty and popularity of the given keywords. This shorter list will include the more common search terms and our recommendations of how to structure site to target these keywords.
  • Difficulty Assessment - eCentral Marketing staff will evaluate the competition for your keywords and recommend which keywords will be easiest to achieve top rankings in the search engines.
  • Many web designers and consultants use our keyword research reports as an addition to their sales proposals to offer their prospective clients a more targeted and strategic outlook for their online marketing.

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