SEO Ranking: Most Important Factors

The most important factors for high rankings in the search engine are widely believed to be the following elements. This list contains a brief description of each element. For more in depth info on these and other SEO elements, please review the rest of the articles in this series:

Title Tag
The title tag of a web page is arguably the most important on-page factor for high rankings. The title tag of each page should have strategic use of your desired keywords.

Anchor Text of Links
The anchor text of both incoming and internal links is the most important factor when discussing the links of a given website. It is important to use the anchor text wisely and reinforce keywords in the anchor text.

Keyword Use in Document Text
The use of keywords within the text of a page is also another impotant element of on-page optimization.

Accessibility of Document
Page size / file size and reliable hosting of a webpage are not only important to allow your visitors access your website quickly and reliably but also for the search engines.

Links to Document from Site-Internal Pages
The links coming from other pages of the same site are extremely important for high rankings. These internal links are a great way to show the search engines the value of your pages and an opportunity to describe each page using keywords.

Links to Document from Site-External Pages
The links coming from other pages of different sites are arguably the most important part of a good SEO campaign. The quantity and quality of incoming links is crucial to rank for highly competitive keywords and phrases.

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