Google Adwords Tips

To make your adwords campaign more effective, there are two tips that may help you.

Capitalize on low price keywords
If you target thousands of low price keywords instead of only a few high price keywords – you can usually get the same/more traffic at a lower cost. Let me give you an example:

You manage a website that sells new cars. You begin your adwords PPC campaign searching for keywords to bid on. The common keyword “new car” may be searched for, say, 1000 times a day. Which seems like a good keyword to generate traffic to your site. However, “new car” has a PPC bid price of $4.50 a click. Lets say 100 people click on your ad which costs you $45/day. For 100 visitors. Now lets consider another option…

You find another keyword “new red convertible car” which only gets 100 searches a day. It doesnt seem as promising as the first keyword but the PPC bid price is only $0.05 so you give it a shot.
Lets say 10 people click your ad which costs you $0.50 for 10 visitors.

Now if you can find 9 more keywords that are similar you can generate the 100 visitors a day for only $5.00 instead of the $45 dollars the popular keyword would have cost.

The trick to this strategy is finding thousands of these obscure keywords that cost very little and can generate relevant traffic at a lower cost than the more common keywords.

Be descriptive in your ads
If your ads are descriptive you can deter wasted click thruoughs. A user may click on an ambiguous ad and then realize that the site isnt what they were looking for. Instead, let the user know exactly what they will find when they get to your site – so, if they click, they are more likely to convert.

Often times advertisers will write ambiguous ads because they are thinking they want as much traffic as possible. This is fine if you have money to burn but for those businesses that are on a budget, it is more prudent to use your ads to filter out useless traffic and pre-qualify your visitrs before they click on your ads and waste your money. Let me give you and example…

Lets say your PPC keyword is “new cars” but you only sell new Honda cars. If you dont describe this in your ad than a person looking for new Ford cars may click your ad, get to your site and realize that you dont sell Ford, and then leave – which means that you just wasted money on this visitor.

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