Google Analytics Setup Checklist

March 19th, 2010 Comments off

There are tons of Google Analytics setup guides out there. So, I wont re-hash whats already available elsewhere. I would, however, like to share a quick setup checklist I use when setting up a new Google Analytics account. This checklist helps me ensure that I have installed analytics properly, that I am measuring all the key metrics and performance indicators, and that I generally haven’t forgotten anything that I’ll need once the marketing campaign is underway.

Install Google Analytics

The first step on the list is, of course, install Google Analytics. You’ll need to first create an account and place the analytics JavaScript code on all your pages. Google walks you through this process pretty well and there’s tons of guides on it if you need help.

Keyword Ranking Tools

January 11th, 2007 Comments off

Although I prefer to use the overture keyword tool to perform keyword discovery and research, it can be useful to have other resources to find the value of different keywords. Listed below are a few other sites that will help you get a general idea of keyword rankings.

Most of these other keyword tools dont have as large a sample to draw their data, but they can provide you with some interesting data that allows you to compare them to overture rankings and give you a more well-rounded view on your selected keywords.

SEO plugins for Firefox

October 2nd, 2006 Comments off

As an internet marketer and SEO professional, I use a web browser very often. And I have found that firefox tends to be more useful to get my work done more quickly than any other browser i have used. I’ve put together a short list of good plugins for firefox that can make common SEO tasks less cumbersome. Most of these plugins are useful to designers and web develpoers also. But mainly they focus on common SEO tasks.

If you have any questions about these SEO plugins for firefox, please dont hesitate to contact us.

Free Press Release Submission List

August 8th, 2006 Comments off

A great way to gain increased visibility to new company products and developments is to submit a press release to various press release websites. Submitting a press release can also be a good way to gain an additional link to your site. We have provided a list of websites below that allow you to submit your press release for free. With any luck, your press release will be newsworthy and gain additional exposure in the media – at the very least, you will gain a few extra links to your site (provided that you include a link to your site in the press release.) Here is our list of sites that allow free press release submission:

Paid Web Directory Listing

August 4th, 2006 Comments off

Although there are many directories that are free, these free directories sometimes do not offer the benefits or visibility of the larger, paid directories. That being said, I have listed below some of the more popular paid web directories.

If you know of a good paid web directory that should be added to this list, please post a comment or contact us and we will add it to our list of paid web directories. You may also want to take a look at this list of paid directories.

Ambatchdotcom Seocontest

July 17th, 2006 1 comment

Well, it appears there is yet another seo contest going on. The “special” keywords this time are “Ambatchdotcom Seocontest”. I have never heard of this website before and it appears noone i know has heard of them either. The rules of the contest are provided here: World SEO Championship

I am guessing that many in the SEO community are tired of these contests and there wont be a large number of participants. That should make the contest a bit easier. However, i am a bit tired of the seo contest also, and busy with other projects so I wont be able to devote much time to this.

SEO Copywriting Guide

June 8th, 2006 Comments off

SEO Copywriting is a method of writing copy for the web that targets specific search terms while maintaining its usefulness for the reader. The purpose of search engine optimization copywriting is to rank highly in the search engines for the targetted keyword. In addition to the viewable text of the page, SEO copy writing attends to other textual elements of the page such as: page title, Description, Keywords, headings, and alt text.

SEO Crossword Puzzle

May 15th, 2006 Comments off

I had some free time this weekend and thought it would be fun to make a corssword for SEO. Because of the javascript and size of the puzzle i couldnt add it to this blog.

So, the crossword puzzle can be found here: SEO Crossword Puzzle

I hope some of you enjoy taking a break from your work to test your SEO knowledge. If you enjoy the puzzle, please digg it.

If you would like to suggest some SEO terms to be added to the puzzle, please leave a comment in this blog or contact me via the contact us form on this website.

SEO for WordPress

April 28th, 2006 Comments off

WordPress is pretty well setup for SEO right out of the box. That being said, there are a few things you can do to make it more friendly to the search engines. I found this quick tip that makes SEO for your wordpress blog even better.

The instructions below will enable your wordpress blog title and meta description to become relevant to the on-page content. Instead of having the same title for each page of your blog, the title for each page will use the title of the post. And, the description will be a handful of words taken from the content of your post.

Best SEO Blogs and Forums

April 20th, 2006 1 comment

My favorite SEO blog is, of course, the one you are reading. That being said, this blog, by itself, is not a comprehensive resource for learning about the world of SEO and online marketing.

Listed below are a handful of blogs and forums that are a great resource for SEO and online marketing.

Digital Point Forums
SEO Chat
Webmaster World
Search Guild
SEO Company Forums
Search Engine Roundtable
Scott Fish
SEO Scoop
Stuntdubl SEM
Matt Cutts Blog
Link Building Blog
Jim Boykin Blog
Dan Thies Blog

Although i havent linked to each of these forums and blogs, a quick search in Google should land you in the right place. I hope these sites help you to learn as much as they have helped me.